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ManageEngine OpManager Software

Company: Zoho Corporation

Average User Rating (2 reviews)

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User Reviews

    Version Reviewing: Excellent Tool

    "Good Network Management Software"

    by agievans on Jun 14, 2021 7:34 AM

    this is good software . it is good solution for network management. consumers can buy for low cost. can install easily. can use and update easily and quickly.

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    Version Reviewing: 4.56

    "OpManager succeeds where WhatsUp Gold, SolarWinds and HP OpenView have failed!"

    by BENTECH on May 13, 2021 9:13 AM

    I like it and I would recommend it to any other IT Support departments looking for up/down monitoring of applications and hardware. This is THE product for the job!

    It is web based and it is fast. I've used countless other monitoring applications that are web based and they all have performance issues. OpManager tells me when my servers and applications are down and it has a beautiful dashboard that I didn't have to customize out of the box. The mobile app is great, too. Monitoring servers and processes is our primary use for the application and it is exactly what I want in an application. I keep it open every day and it has bailed me out after performing maintenance on servers and forgetting to manually start this process or service. I get a push notification on my phone that reminds me to turn it back on. It does a lot, but it's still fast. Something that other applications I've used over the years cannot do!

    I know I sound like a fan boi because I am! I have administered HP OpenView, PRTG, MRTG, WhatsUp Gold and Solar Winds at different companies over the years. This product does everything I liked about those other programs but still has solid performance AND a great mobile app. I really don't have any complaints or recommendations on what they should change. I have had some issues with customer support. It is based in India and sometimes communicating can be a challenge. The product has been so solid for us that we haven't bad many support calls, anyway.

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