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Company: Marmalade Technologies Ltd.

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User Reviews

    Version Reviewing: 8.2

    "Powerful Framework for Cross-Platform Games Development"

    by Valerian on May 26, 2016 12:00 PM

    Marmalade is a powerful and complex framework for building games that can be compiled and deployed across various platforms including both desktops and mobile. It focuses on development in C++ for achieving optimal performance in games that require it, however, it also includes tools like "Marmalade Quick" which provide a Lua scripting interface instead. The system has a fairly steep learning curve (as well as a steep price tag), and I would not recommend it to beginners looking to create their first game. For a professional team looking for a way to work from a single code base and deploy to multiple platforms though, it offers many benefits when compared to the competition. A great deal of AAA commercial projects have been built with it.

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            synchronized (Integer.class) { 
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