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Company: Lianja

Average User Rating (3 reviews)

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User Reviews

    Version Reviewing: great

    "required online tool"

    by agievans on Jan 30, 2021 2:55 AM

    Lianja is a needed online tool. it develop the desktop, cloud and mobile database apps on windows.

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    Version Reviewing: 4.2

    "Incredible Dev Environment"

    by LeonMc on Jun 5, 2018 12:29 AM

    As a Non developer/coder I have been using Lianja for a while now. What continually impresses me it what I can achieve with virtually NO Code. I can have a small mobile app up and running on my phone using Phonegap in no time at all. This includes transitioning to new screens, navigating and updating records, integrating with maps etc. The response from the developer and the support team is incredible!!!! I LOVE IT.

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    Version Reviewing: 4.2

    "Incredible Development/Deployment Stack"

    by HankFay on Jun 4, 2018 10:56 PM

    Lianja is many tools, all integrated. The Lianja IDE in which to design Desktop, Web, Mobile (native and PhoneGap) and Electron apps, including UI, Data Design, and programming. Data is fully integrated. Programming languages include JavaScript, Visual FoxPro (great for data access), Python and PHP. VFP procedures can be called natively from the JavaScript web client. A CloudServer (testing version included in the development package) serves up all but desktop apps, The Cloudserver can optionally run through IIS or Apache. The IDE runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. The CloudServer deploys on Windows, Mac and Linux. The CloudServer serves up the Lianja SQL Server (runtime can be purchased separately or together), accessible through ODBC from any client capable of using ODBC. The Lianja data engine, available in the desktop runtime and also in the SQL Database, uses triggers/stored procedures programmed in VFP. Backend queries to other SQL servers (ODBC) can be accessed as though they were native tables, with triggers and stored procedures running as though the "Virtual Table" were a native Lianja table. Data binding in Lianja requires no programming. The same application can be run on desktop, web, mobile, and Electron. Generating PhoneGap and Electron apps requires no programming; just setting up the required credentials, filling in a descriptive title, and pushing a couple of buttons. Lianja has an open API for 3rd parties to integrate tools. Chilkat has ported their library to the Lianja API. Chilkat controls are accessed as native Lianja objects. The best part: Lianja continually grows in response to developer needs. Every release contains multiple enhancements resulting from Enhancement Requests from developers. Reported bugs are fixed in days.

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