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Company: JetBrains

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    Version Reviewing: 2018.2.3

    "A refreshing way to develop for .NET"

    by s0nspark on Sep 29, 2018 5:05 AM

    As a long time user of Visual Studio, one of the complaints I've had is how overwhelming it can be. Tools and menus everywhere and it can be hard to find what you need, much less focus. Enter Jetbrains Rider. Rider is a much more streamlined but powerful IDE for .NET development that incorporates their excellent ReSharper functionality. After the first week of use I accidentally started Visual Studio instead and was really struck by the difference. Since then I only fire up VS when I need to do something that I cannot in Rider. All of my day to day coding is done in Rider. Rider is also cross-platform so it can be used with .NET Core or Mono on platforms other than Windows. What a breath of fresh air!

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public class Demo { 
    public void method1() { 
        synchronized (String.class) { 
            System.out.println("on String.class object");       
            synchronized (Integer.class) { 
                System.out.println("on Integer.class object"); 

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