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Company: Crytek

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    Version Reviewing: 5

    "Not as popular but still amazing"

    by Twee <3 on Dec 4, 2018 1:15 PM

    It's a really powerful game engine, carrying the title of best graphics. However, it falls below 2 other game engine giants in popularity: Unity and Unreal Engine. The reason for this is because CryEngine is NOT beginner friendly. To take full advantage of it requires many hours of dedication and learning. With it's support to VR, it's got amazing visual effects. Take Far Cry, for example, made by the same company and engine. CryEngine also has an interesting revenue model for its users: get a 5% royalty where the first 5k per year is royalty free. In my opinion, CryEngine isn't the best game engine for 2D, but you should definitely consider it for 3D.

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