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WebInspect 9

Company: HP

Average User Rating (3 reviews)

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User Reviews

    Version Reviewing: 10.1

    "the agent-based testing capability of WebInspect"

    by DAVID on Jun 2, 2016 11:07 PM

    WebInspect 9 works fine with traffic monitoring off while running Replicated the SQL server shutdown using WebInspect 9.0 & SQL Server.

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    "awesome performance"

    by saroj kishan on May 31, 2013 12:50 PM

    high performance and reliable

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    "More than just a security tool"

    by jowen on Sep 9, 2011 8:35 PM

    You’ve probably used WebInspect before, and someone will probably add WebInspect as a security tool. They’re right; WebInspect is part of the HP Security Suite, and is generally a security tool, but it also fits as a dynamic analyzer—and, barring some coding catastrophe, the result is better security. It was easy to use, and it will help us ensure that we keep up with the state Department of Education’s compliance guidelines. We spent the summer updating our intranet, which is also linked to an outward facing website. We did a lot of custom work, trying to integrate our attendance and grading programs with the standardized testing information that we get from the state. We also had to make sure that our site and databases communicated with the databases located at the remote sites (schools in our district). Our vendor recommended WebInspect above HP’s other offerings, so we decided to bite the bullet. It’ll probably seem pretty basic, but our intranet’s uptime is absolutely mission critical, especially after our latest project. WebInspect is easy to use, which is great for us, because it allows us to test and retest anything before we’re ready to deploy to our intranet. If we need to take anything down to upgrade, update, or (heaven forbid) fix, then it’s easy enough to do that, retest, and get it back up and running. However, as a friend in the private sector warned (and was reflected in some helpful blogs, too) make sure that you’re using a sandbox or, if not, that you’ve removed the connection to some of your inputs or your database! You don’t want to deal with a lot of junk data! As far as our district was concerned, the biggest hurdle was price. For what we do and what we use WebInspect for, it was a little bit hard to justify, though it was within our budget. We elected not to pay for the complete package of support, but that is another consideration when talking about cost.

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